As we enter a new technological age, electronic communication has become increasingly prevalent, and commonplace in today's world. However, individual privacy, in terms of expressing one's self freely without worry of potential consequences, has diminished greatly over the years.

For the first time in the history of global communication, individuals are given an unprecedented degree of control over how much, or how little, information they wish to share. The LTJ interface gives users absolute control regarding what information is displayed to other users, and to the world. Privacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance to many people across the globe. LTJ recognizes this level of importance, and preserves the degree of one’s privacy in a truly unprecedented manner.

Along with the preservation of privacy, LTJ gives its users virtually limitless capabilities that enable users to fulfill any and all of their desires. For the very first time, LTJ brings you an interface that gives individuals the ability to create their very own customized global network. This all-encompassing interface individualizes searches, and creates customized compatibility between users throughout the world. Networks are created by the personal desires of the individual, as opposed to being dictated by a particular group or administrative body. Specialized ‘key word’ searches enable users to personalize, and tailor their very own networks in the most desirably simple and highly efficient way possible.

Finally, you can create your own personal unique social network, and associate with people who have similar interests. These interests are narrowed down by particular characteristics that are unique to the users themselves. Key words such as ‘love’, ‘music’, ‘dating’, ‘art’, ‘food’, ‘relationships’, ‘travel’, ‘sex’, ‘history’, and ‘fashion’ are just a minute few of the thousands of ‘key word’ searches that are already in place. Exchanges about everything from ‘hair loss’ to ‘rainbows’ are now easily accessible to you.

Another unique aspect of LTJ is that the users themselves are the ones who suggest and create ‘key word’ topics and categories. The key word searches suggested by users, upon approval, will be added to the nearly limitless database of already existent search topics. LTJ’s unique capacity to evolve is what truly separates this interface from all the others. In turn, categories suggested by the users themselves are what will conveniently connect you with other users who possess similar interests across the world.

Along with the advancements in technological communication, it seems that the personal touch of human communication has inversely decreased. LTJ users have the option to communicate with one another through phone calls, text messaging, voice messages, and video chats.

Various forms of communication have been incorporated into a single interface, allowing the user to choose which form of communication is most suitable for them. The ‘Human Connection’ has been seemingly missing from our world, and now it is just one click away!